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 Forecast 2019
Know in brief about you
Aries - Mar 21 to Apr 20
You are dynamic, courageous and have an abundance of energy. A preference for being frank and outspoken is inherent in your nature.
Taurus - Apr 21 to May 21
You have a very inquisitive mind and like to learn in order to gain knowledge. You tend to think a lot before taking decisions.
Gemini - May 22 to Jun 21
You are quick-witted and get to understand a person very soon. Whatever you do, is done in the best possible way without hesitancy.
Cancer - Jun 22 to Jul 22
You are very ambitious and have a great desire to achieve something big in your life. This very desire to create something unique makes you a restless person.
Leo - Jul 23 to Aug 23
You want to live like a king. You are a very ambitious person and want to rise to the top in the profession of your choice.
Virgo - Aug 24 to Sep 23
You are very sensitive and get easily hurt. You are a hard-working person and are always busy with one or another project.
Libra - Sep 24 - Oct 23
You have been blessed with a very fine imagination and good retentive powers, which will prove invaluable in your profession.
Scorpio - Oct 24 to Nov 22
You have an active mind and are always in search of some intellectual pursuits. Basically a creative person, you remain restless.
Saggitarius - Nov 23 to Dec 22
You are of a generous nature and cannot stand cruelty of any kind. You are fond of people and are cut out to be a leader.
Capricorn - Dec 23 to Jan 20
You have a lot of energy to pursue your goals. You're almost always working on some project or another. You have a very sharp brain.
Aquarius - Jan 21 to Feb 19
You are idealistic, generous and humane. You are methodical and cannot tolerate untidiness of any kind. Your thoughts are orderly.
Pisces - Feb 20 to Mar 20
You are very kind and sensitive by nature and this can land you into trouble. You are usually cheerful and people love you for this.
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